Go Green

Energy Conservation

We take energy conservation seriously at JKL.  Over the past several years, we have saved tremendous Kilo Watt for our clients.  This was done through surveying facilities, developing energy saving initiatives, then implementing such initiatives.  We also explore PG&E rebates to help offset implementation costs.

Through our studies, we have investigated light load harvesting, smart metering, heating/cooling economizing, energy self-generation, water conservation, and re-commissioning options.  See the list of initiatives we have completed incorporating such provisions. 
Energy Efficiency Projects
Lighting Upgrades                                                                                        
  •   Replace T12 lamps with T8 lamps

  •   Change magnetic ballasts to high efficiency electronic ballasts

  •   Upgrade T8 lighting systems with high efficiency, electronic ballasts and lamps

  •   Replace metal halide (in high bay areas) with high bay T8 or T5 fixtures

  •   Utilize LED task lighting in lieu of fluorescent task lighting

  •   Replace 24/7 CFL downlights and can-type fixtures with LED's

  •   Replace parking garage lighting with bi-level luminaries

  •   Utilize LED lights in parking garages

  •   Add occupancy sensors to control lighting

  •   Power LED lighting with solar power on the garage roof 

HVAC Upgrades
  •   Use VFDs at all HVAC equipment motors

  •   Add VFDs to data center CRAC or CRAH units

  •   Utilize outside air economizer design for air handling units

  •   Employ hot/cold aisle design for servers in data centers

  •   Upgrade data center UPS systems with new high efficiency UPS

  •   Isolate test areas in data center

  •   Run data center administration areas only during occupied hours 

  • Controls and IT Upgrades    
    •   Retro-commissioning in accordance with PG&E rebate program                                                 

        Optimize controls, set points, and temperature reset

    •   Reprogram controls for night time temperature set back

    •   Adjust data center server room temperature to 80F per ASHRAE

    •   Add multi-level wireless temperature monitoring points at server rack locations    

    •   Virtualization of IT equipment in server rooms

    •   Install auto-shut down for servers not in use


    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Opportunities
    •   Install photo sensors on building exterior to utilize daylight harvesting

      •   Use isolation valves on cooling towers to optimize operation

      •   Use gray water in cooling towers

      •   Implement solid oxide fuel cell for power supply

      •   Install photovoltaic systems on roofs and parking garages to generate power

      •   Change boilers to condensing-type boilers 


"Due to JKL's Quality Control Program, strongly implemented, my job and the job of the Area Compliance Officer, was made much easier. JKL exceeded my anticipated level of performance."

- David Hoadley, OSHPD Inspector of Records

Building a better way.